‘The Simpsons’ reimagined as terrifying horror villains with AI

The creation features a celebrity cast including Patrick Stewart, Steve Buscemi and David Harbour

A fan online has reimagined characters from The Simpsons as terrifying horror villains with the help of AI.

As posted to Reddit, a fan revealed what it would look like if each cast of the legendary sitcom had their own horror film, and were played by real-life characters.

In the creepy photos, Homer Simpson is stood at the kitchen table covered in blood, as portrayed by Step Brothers star John C. Reilly.


Marge is played by Hereditary‘s Toni Colette in a home full of decaying fruit, while It star Jack Dylan Grazer plays Bart in a creepy classroom surrounded by aliens.

Elsewhere, Ethan Hawke is Krusty The Clown with a distinctly Joker feel, while Stranger Things’ David Harbour is Chief Wiggum as a zombie.

Others to portray Simpsons characters include Steve Buscemi (as Moe Szyslak), Patrick Stewart (Mr. Burns) and Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis (as Ned Flanders).

See the terrifying creations below.

The Simpsons imagined as a horror movie, with a celebrity cast
byu/primocolon inmidjourney

This is far from the first time AI has been used to reimagine something in the Simpsons universe.

Earlier this year, an AI-generated clip of Homer Simpson singing Arctic Monkeys’ ‘R U Mine?’ went viral.


The clip also comes with an accompanying Simpsons-style music video, pieced together from various episodes of the show and showing Homer and co. performing the ‘AM’ hit to a crowd in a small music venue.

“Never thought I’d hear Homer with a Sheffield accent but here we are,” one user wrote in the comments. Another added: “Why is this lowkey better than the original?”.

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