‘The Simpsons’ reveals deleted scenes from ‘Who Shot Mr Burns’


Two previously unseen scripts from one of the most iconic episodes of The Simpsons have been shared online for the first time ever.

The new dialogue from ‘Who Shot Mr Burns’ was shared online by writer Josh Weinstein, who originally wrote the 1995 episode in which the mean-spirited nuclear power plant owner is gunned down by Maggie Simpson.

One page is taken from the second half of the two-part episode and sees Homer on the run after being put in the frame for the crime.

Posting on Twitter, Weinstein explained that the dialogue was  part of a  ‘table draft’ that failed to make the final cut.

“When I agreed to this plan, I didn’t know there’d be so much running”, Homer remarks in the deleted scene.

But the exclusive sneak peak didn’t end there – with Weinstein subsequently offering a glimpse at a scene in which Milhouse Van Houten is seen with a globe trapped over his head.

“Wake up, Milhouse. Let’s go down to the woodshop and find a coping saw”, Principal Skinner tells the hapless youngster after noticing his bizarre state.

Meanwhile, The Simpsons recently offered an explanation as to why Maggie is still a baby – 28 years after the show originally aired.

“This is the first time I’m watching @TheSimpsons in forever…. how is Maggie still a baby with a pacifier? Shouldn’t she be in college by now?!”, Twitter user Brian Fink challenged to the official Simpsons account.

 The account was quick to reply – but its explanation was about as vague as could be. “That’s the magic of #TheSimpsons,” was all they offered.