‘The Simpsons’ set to bring back major season one character

"A mysterious figure from Marge's past returns"

The Simpsons is set to bring back a major season one character who almost ruined Homer and Marge’s marriage.

Titled ‘Pin Girl’, the seventeenth episode of season 34 is set to air on Fox on Sunday, March 19.

A synopsis for the episode reads: “A mysterious figure from Marge’s past returns to coach her for a bowling tournament.”


On Twitter, The Simpsons co-showrunner Al Jean confirmed the mystery character to be Jacques, with voice actor Albert Brooks reprising the role.

This will mark the first time Brooks has voiced Jacques in over 30 years, although he has previously performed as a number of other characters, including Homer’s former Bond-villain-esque boss Hank Scorpio.

Fans were first introduced to Jacques, a French bowling instructor, in the season one, episode nine episode ‘Life On The Fast Lane’.

The episode centres on Marge, who after becoming frustrated in her marriage, almost pursues an affair with Jacques. However, she ultimately remains committed to Homer and their family.

Jacques has made a number of cameos in The Simpsons over the years. In the season 7 episode ‘Team Homer’, he appears as a member of the Home Wreckers, a bowling team made up entirely of characters who had previously tried to seduce either Homer or Marge.


He also made a brief cameo in 2007’s The Simpsons Movie, appearing as a member of the angry mob searching for Homer.

However, ‘Pin Girl’ will be Jacques’ first meaningful involvement in the show since his first appearance 33 years ago.

Meanwhile, The Simpsons is set to be renewed for a record-setting amount of seasons.

Fox is set to keep the show running for both a 35th and 36th season, which allows The Simpsons to extend its standing as the longest-running scripted series in television history.

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