‘The Simpsons’ showrunner thinks comparing Rudy Giuliani to Lionel Hutz is unfair

"Mr. Hutz is essentially a good-hearted soul"

The Simpsons‘ former showrunner Bill Oakley has weighed in on comparisons between character Lionel Hutz and Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump’s lawyer has been likened to the animated sitcom’s bumbling lawyer, particularly after a number of outlandish performances in the wake of the US President’s defeat.

In a press conference last week Giuliani repeated baseless claims of electoral fraud in the recent US election, although the event also became notable for what appeared to be hair dye dripping down the former New York City Mayor’s face.


In recent weeks, however, Giuliani has been compared to Hutz, who is known in The Simpsons for his incompetent court appearances.

However, Oakley – who was a showrunner on The Simpsons for seasons seven and eight – has argued that the comparison between the two is unfair.

“I am dubious of any comparison between Rudy Giuliani and Lionel Hutz because although they are both inept and unscrupulous, Mr. Hutz is essentially a good-hearted soul who doesn’t actively work to harm people or the nation,” he tweeted.


Hutz was retired from The Simpsons after season nine following the death of voice actor Phil Hartman in 1998, who made his final appearance in the episode Reality Bites.

Meanwhile, a few years ago show writer Josh Weinstein unearthed an old unaired script that featured Hutz in his own segment for the 22 Short Films About Springfield episode.

The episode highlighted some of the show’s best secondary characters, and would have seen Hutz hitting on Maude Flanders and Marge Simpson’s mother, Mrs. Bouvier, who turn out to be jurors on a case he’s working.