‘The Simpsons’ to spoof prestige TV with two-part crime thriller ‘A Serious Flanders’

‘Succession’ star Brian Cox and Cristin Milioti will also voice characters

The Simpsons will channel prestige TV crime thrillers for upcoming two-part episode ‘A Serious Flanders’.

Inspired by the TV adaptation of Fargo, as shown by the below poster, ‘A Serious Flanders’ will see Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders sucked into the “artfully violent world” of prestige TV when a ruthless debt collector comes to Springfield.

According to executive producer Matt Selman, the tone will be a cross between a normal episode of The Simpsons and a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ edition. The episode will even be branded with a ‘Simpflix’ logo in the opening titles.


Speaking to Variety, Selman said: “We wanted to do all the tricks that these cool streaming shows get to do. Flashbacks, crazy time jumps, the feeling that anyone might die.

“It’s all the tricks of the trade, for a semi-pretentious but also very cool kind of story. We have scenes that build tension or make fun of the idea of building tension.”

‘A Serious Flanders’ will also feature guest stars in Succession’s Brian Cox, Cristin Milioti, Timothy Olyphant, Chris O’Dowd and Jessica Pare.

The first part of ‘A Serious Flanders’ will air Sunday November 7 on Fox in the US, with the second to arrive the following week on November 14.


The Simpsons are set to collide with classic Disney characters in an upcoming short to mark Disney+ Day, titled ‘The Simpsons in Plusaversary’.

It’s the third short from The Simpsons to arrive exclusively on the streaming platform, following Star Wars crossover ‘Maggie Simpson In The Force Awakens From Its Nap’ and Marvel parody ‘The Simpsons: The Good, The Bart, And The Loki’.