‘The Simpsons’ spoofs ‘Downton Abbey’ opening credits – watch

Apparently P Diddy isn't the only one who likes sending up British costume dramas…

The Simpsons has released a parody of the Downton Abbey opening credits. Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch it.

The credits for “Simpton Abbey” features the tasteful theme music from the British costume drama series and shows Homer Simpson getting into trouble with an old-fashioned razor. The spoof is a teaser for The Simpsons‘ season finale, which airs in the US this Sunday (March 19).

During the episode, Marge Simpson will bond with a charming married man over their mutual love of a familiar-sounding TV show called Upton Rectory. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane guest stars as the caddish charmer.

However, The Simpsons has been pipped to the post somewhat by P Diddy, who has has just unveiled his own Downton Abbey parody. The rapper had previously made a series of rather unlikely claims on Twitter that he was he was actually joining the cast of the British TV show.

The SimpsonsDownton Abbey parody follows its recent spoof of another trendy TV series, Breaking Bad – which even featured cameos from the stars of the US drugs drama, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.