‘The Simpsons’ viewers call out plot hole after return of season one character

Bowling instructor Jacques made a comeback after 33 years

Fans of The Simpsons have called out a plot inconsistency following the return of character Jacques in the show’s 34th season.

On Sunday’s episode (March 19) titled Pin Gal, Marge takes bowling lessons once again from French bowling instructor Jacques (voiced by Albert Brooks) – who previously tried to start an affair with her back in season one episode Life On The Fast Lane.

In the episode, Homer has no knowledge of Marge and Jacques’ history. This, however, goes against events in season six episode Another Simpsons Clip Show, where Homer was informed of the almost-affair.


The inconsistency was pointed out by viewers on Twitter: “Wait didn’t Marge literally tell Homer about Jacques in one of the clip shows in the Golden era?”

Another added: “I don’t know if I like the idea of The Simpsons basically retconning Marge telling Homer how she almost cheated on him with Jacques in Another Simpsons Clip Show and having it be that Marge never told Homer about it.”

You can check out more reactions below.


Brooks has voiced various characters in The Simpsons aside from Jacques, including Hank Scorpio, Cowboy Bob and Russ Cargill from 2007’s The Simpsons Movie.

Jacques has made a number of cameo appearances in the show since his first appearance, but this marks the first time since his debut that he’s been voiced by Brooks.

The Simpsons was renewed for season 35 and 36 earlier this year by Fox, which means the show will extend its standing as the longest-running scripted series in TV history.

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