‘The Simpsons’ writer discovers lost Lionel Hutz storyline

The story was cut from the legendary '22 Short Films About Springfield' episode.

‘The Simpsons’ writer, Josh Weinstein recently unearthed a 22 year old script that featured lawyer Lionel Hutz in his own segment in the ’22 Short Films About Springfield’ episode which highlighted some of the show’s best secondary characters.

Everyone’s favourite TV lawyer, played by the late Phil Hartman, would’ve made it into the episode but was cut after the second draft according to Weinstein.

The scene would’ve seen Hutz hitting on Maude Flanders and Mrs. Bouvier (Marge’s mum), who turn out to be jurors on a case he’s working. Though it sounds great, remember that this script would have to compete with the likes of the ‘Skinner and the Superintendent’ scene.


Check out the Lionel Hutz script below.

Meanwhile, Weinstein also revealed an old script that would have revealed Maggie’s second canonical word (following the unforgettable “Daddy“). The script reveals that Maggie would have said “Spaghetti”.

Check out that script below.

Last week (October 2) ‘The Simpsons’ has kicked off the first episode of its 29th season with an episode that saw Springfield’s finest send up ‘Game Of Thrones’.


The episode, which was titled The Serfsons, saw TV’s most famous family existing in an alternative medieval world where Marge’s mum has been turned into an ice walker, with Lisa forced to perform illegal magic in order for Homer to afford the cure.

Earlier this year, a Twitter contest set out to find the greatest Simpsons episode of all time, and ‘Marge V The Monorail’ emerged victorious.