‘The Sons Of Sam’: Watch trailer for Netflix true crime series about 1970s New York murders

It explores claims that David Berkowitz was not a lone killer

The trailer for Netflix’s new true crime docuseries The Sons Of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness has been released.

Premiering on May 5, The Sons Of Sam explores multiple fatal shootings across New York in the ’70s by David “Son Of Sam” Berkowitz, who was believed to be a lone killer. The Joshua Zeman-directed series looks at journalist Maury Terry’s decades-long investigative claims that Berkowitz had unknown associates who aided him with the murders.

“Originally, I thought the rumours were nothing more than Satanic Panic, but that’s when two NYPD detectives sat me down to tell me a story,” Zeman explained to Rolling Stone.


“They said there was far more to the Son Of Sam case than the public knew. They told me to read Maury Terry’s book Ultimate Evil — which both fascinated and scared the shit out of me. Eventually, I sat down with Maury and put his theories to the test. Much to my surprise, I found myself seriously considering the unimaginable — that Berkowitz didn’t act alone, and that there were other Sons of Sam out there.”

In the trailer, we see archived clips and images including news clippings and Berkowitz’s arrest after he spent more than a year evading the cops.

Berkowitz has been incarcerated since his arrest in August 1977 and is serving six consecutive life sentences. He pleaded guilty to the eight separate shootings that happened in New York City in the summer of 1976.

Zeman explained further to Rolling Stone why he was so interested in challenging the official narrative surrounding the notorious “Son Of Sam” killings. “Examining the case with a more skeptical eye, you can literally see how the police, the press and even the public all had a hand in creating this lone gunman mythology.

“Of course, you understand why it happened because this was such an incredible time in New York City, but you can also see these holes in the investigation start to appear, where bad decisions are being made and evidence is being missed, to the point that it’s shocking. And that’s what Maury was up against — and why despite all the evidence he had, he couldn’t convince the public of a different narrative. He just couldn’t change history — until now.”


Berkowitz’ serial killer story was also dramatised in season one of Netflix‘s Mindhunter.

The Sons Of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness is released on May 5.