‘The Sopranos’ horse Pie-O-My dies after four-year disease

Pie-O-My was deeply beloved by Tony Soprano

The horse who played Pie-O-My in The Sopranos, Goldee, has died.

A statement on Twitter confirmed that Goldee had passed away at the age of 23 at a farm in Warwick, New York, last Saturday (February 5).

The horse had been diagnosed with Equine Cushing’s disease four years ago, which is a chronic disease of the pituitary gland.


Goldee featured in the hit HBO drama – also set in New Jersey, where she was born in 1999 – as a race horse called Pie-O-My, who died during a barn fire in the show’s fourth season.

Tony Soprano believes that the fire was caused by Pie-O-My’s owner Ralphie, in order to receive an insurance pay-out. Before the horse died, Soprano commissioned a panting of himself with Pie-O-My, but after the tragic events he wants it to be destroyed.

In other Sopranos news, the show’s star Edie Falco recently said she had to stop re-watching the iconic series because it was “too shocking” for her.

Falco played Carmela Soprano, wife to James Gandolfini’s Tony. Gandolfini passed away in 2013, after the show finished in 2007.

“Aida and I watched a few episodes and I said, ‘This is killing me,’” she says told The Irish Times. “It was too fraught, and a big part of that is Jim. People die and you move on, then you see them on screen, and it is too shocking.”


She went to say that whereas she “adored Jimmy,” they didn’t spend much time together off set: “So when I looked in his face he wasn’t Jim, he was Tony.”