‘The Truman Show’ set for television makeover

It is thought that the 1998 movie is going to be turned into a tv show

1998 film The Truman Show is likely to be turned into a television drama series.

The Huffington Post reports that the Jim Carrey film – which is about a television series – could be turned into an actual television series, by producers Paramount. Paramount Executive Amy Powell has commented about future projects for the production company: “We have three buckets of content we’re looking at, and one of them is intellectual property the studio, which has been around for over 100 years, owns.”

Another big to small screen adaptation set to air shortly is a version of the Coen Brothers film Fargo, which will debut in the US on April 15 before coming to the UK on Channel 4 shortly afterwards. The Office and Sherlock actor Martin Freeman is set to star, as is Billy Bob Thornton and Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor Glenn Howerton, Kate Walsh and Oliver Platt will also appear in the FX project.

Freeman will play a role similar to the one played by William H Macy in the original film. He will portray a slightly hopeless local insurance salesman, henpecked by his wife, whose life is transformed when a mysterious and manipulative stranger arrives in town. Billy Bob Thornton will co-star as the intoxicating stranger in a role similar to the one first played by Steve Buscemi.

The TV series is inspired by the Coen Brothers’ classic black comedy film, but will introduce new characters and revolve around a different crime story. Alongside Macy and Buscemi, the film also starred Frances McDormand, who won an Oscar for her role as a pregnant sheriff in the sleepy North Dakota town of Fargo. Noah Hawley, a former writer-producer on Bones, has scripting the 10-part series in addition to serving as an executive producer. Joel and Ethan Coen are also on board as executive producers.