‘The US Office’ cut a parody of ‘The Matrix’ from its final episode

Jim was set to play one last prank on Dwight

The final episode of the US edition of The Office originally featured a parody of The Matrix.

As revealed in new Office podcast An Oral History of The Office, the episode, entitled Finale, was set to see Jim play one last prank on Dwight.

The new oral history podcast is hosted by Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin Malone in the hit show.


In the recent 11th episode, Baumgartner spoke to The Office editor Dave Rogers, who revealed that Jim was set to prank Dwight in the show’s finale to make him believe that he was inside the matrix.

“We had a whole thing,” The Office editor Dave Rogers says in Episode 11 of An Oral History of the Office, “but we cut it for time.”

“We can talk about the prank that hasn’t made it to the big screen, that I think we’re saving for the 10-year reunion, The Matrix,” Rogers added. “That’s the finale script, they prank Dwight to make him think he’s in the Matrix, and remember Hank is down as Dorpheus, he’s Morpheus’s brother.

“There’s a cat that walks by and a cat walks by again in Michael’s office, and Jenna [Fischer] goes, ‘It took six months to train the cat.’ And then we have the security guard walk by, it was the big guy, and he had a twin brother and we used him also, as a glitch. And then he’s gonna take the red pill or the blue pill.”

See the cast of The Office read the Matrix scene at a table read of the finale below.


Despite whispers of a reunion for the show, NBC revealed earlier this year that they had “no plans” to reboot The Office.

“We’ve talked about things we can do to support The Office once it gets to our service but a reboot has not come up specifically for [NBC streaming service] Peacock. Lots of those ideas have been bandied about with people internally and with Greg Daniels and people associated with the show. As you can imagine, there are lots of creative ideas. We haven’t landed at any one right now.”

Daniels, the creator of the US version of the show, said earlier this year that fans expectations of what a reboot would entail weren’t “realistic”.

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