‘The Walking Dead’ actor C. Thomas Howell teases return to final season

"Time to go and stomp out a few zombies"

The Walking Dead actor C. Thomas Howell has teased his return as filming on the final season of the AMC show gets under way.

Howell made an appearance in the episode ‘Stradivarius’ in season nine as an unnamed Hilltop guard, set six years after the disappearance of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes.

In his previous cameo, Howell’s character approached Michonne and Siddiq to alert them to an injured Rosita’s whereabouts.


In a new video posted by fansite The Walking Dead HQ on Twitter, Howell is seen saying: “Gotta leave tomorrow and go to work”, he says to the camera. “Time to go and stomp out a few zombies.”

Filming for season 11 started earlier this week in Georgia a year later than originally planned, on what will be the final chapter in the story of the AMC show, before several spin-offs take the characters in new directions.

Production remained shuttered on the set in Georgia for over seven months, before the bonus episodes for season 10 of The Walking Dead were shot in October.

“Kudos to our crew and cast (asskickers, the lot of ‘em!) on the long-awaited start of filming for S11,” writer-producer Kevin Deiboldt tweeted on Monday (February 8) confirming the news. “A full (effed up) year in the works, we truly hope it’s worth the wait.”


Six new bonus episodes of The Walking Dead will be airing at the end of the month to round off the previous season, which was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The show’s eleventh and final season will then arrive next year.