‘The Walking Dead’ star reacts to their huge exit on the show

*Major spoilers ahead*

The Walking Dead delivered a big death on its latest episode, and its departing star has opened up about her final scenes.

In last night’s (March 15) episode ‘Walk With Us’, villain Alpha was killed off after being tricked by Negan into believing he had her daughter Lydia captive.

However, after leading her to an empty cabin, Negan slits Alpha’s throat, putting an end to the Whisperers leader’s rule.


walking dead
Samantha Morton as Alpha in ‘The Walking Dead’. Credit: AMC

The twist will not come as a huge surprise to fans of the comics, as the show’s scene is in line with her fate there.

Speaking about her character’s death, actress Samantha Morton revealed it was outlined from the outset when she originally got the part.

“I knew when I got the part — basically, when [showrunner] Angela [Kang] and I were talking about Alpha and the possibility of me playing her and all that kind of stuff,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Samantha Morton as Alpha. Credit: AMC

“She was really, really honest and said, ‘Listen, this is what’s going to happen.’ I think that the overwhelming feeling on the show is that you are part of the story that continues.


“The show is bigger than any one individual, it is all about The Walking Dead, so to play a villain such as Alpha, you know that something’s got to give. So, I always knew.”

Morton also mused that Alpha’s downfall was down to “mental health issues”, adding of her final moments: “It’s okay, she gets it because she’s not afraid of death. I mean, seriously, not afraid of death.

“The sad thing for Alpha in that moment is that she didn’t get to see her daughter. If we’re going to feel sorry for Alpha at all, it’s because she didn’t get to say goodbye in the way that she wanted to.”

Meanwhile, Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has admitted he would “burn down” the show if his character Daryl Dixon was killed off.