‘The Walking Dead’ boss reflects on show’s legacy: “It’s the sense of community that is most meaningful”

Angela Kang also shared a message to fans who may have left the show early before its 11th season, which is airing currently

The Walking Dead boss Angela Kang has reflected on the show’s legacy as its 11th and final season begins airing.

After airing an extended 10th season in two parts across 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-related delays, the show’s final season finally hit screens last week (August 22), with its second episode airing last night (August 29).

As the show comes to an end, showrunner Kang spoke to Digital Spy about the legacy it leaves behind, and what she would say to fans who stopped watching the show in earlier seasons.


“We don’t want to disappoint fans, but at the same time, the fans are not all one thing,” she reflected. “Everybody has different sets of expectations. As writers, and even the actors; everyone, we are fans of the work, too.”

Speaking of what she would say to fans thinking about rejoining the show for its last hurrah, Kang added: “All I can say is, I think that this season has a lot of the elements that people have loved about The Walking Dead when they started watching it. There are lots of scares, but there’s also a lot of heart.

“There are different sorts of people, and questions about philosophy, which I think people found very rich.”

Angela Kang pictured at New York Comic Con in 2019. CREDIT: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for ReedPOP

Reflecting on the show as a whole, Kang said she hopes people will remember The Walking Dead “for having brought some entertainment and comfort during years when there was a lot of uncertainty.

“I just hope that people were entertained, and found somebody to identify with. There’s a lot of people who are like, ‘I haven’t seen somebody like me very much on TV, but I’ve seen them on the show, and it’s helped me and my family either just have more understanding or feel good about ourselves’,” she said.


“And I know a lot of our fans have found community with each other as well. It’s the sense of community that is most meaningful, I think, to a lot of us that work on the show.”

In a recap of episode two of The Walking Dead‘s final season, NME wrote: “With order, laws and even the US dollar in circulation, the Commonwealth does sound like it offers some sort of normalcy in this mad, mad world of The Walking Dead. It’ll be intriguing to see what the show does with this new setting – you can be sure that all won’t be well within the walls…”