‘The Walking Dead’: Daryl’s dog’s origin story has been revealed

Dog's emotional backstory has been explained

The Walking Dead has finally revealed the origin of Daryl’s dog in the show’s latest season 10 episode.

During last night’s (March 7) Find Me, the show flashes back five years prior to current events, when Daryl is searching for Rick Grimes following the latter’s disappearance.

While stopping by a river, the puppy appears for the first time, who leads him to a cabin, and a year later Daryl is reunited with the mutt – though this time he meets its owner at the cabin, who subsequently takes him hostage.


She eventually lets him go, and a number of months later Daryl and the dog meet once again, the woman revealing that its name is in fact Dog.

The pair run into each other a few more times, Daryl eventually learning that the woman’s name is Leah and that she lost her son after he was bitten by walkers the same day that Dog was born, leading her out into the wilderness.

However, one day when he returns to the cabin, Daryl finds that Leah is missing and only Dog remains, Daryl subsequently vowing to find her.

Showrunner Angela Kang previously teased Dog’s origin story back in 2018, telling Entertainment Weekly: “So we were talking about, how can we show the state that Daryl’s in?


“And I thought that it would be great that he’s been off for a while after Rick’s presumed death. Daryl just went off. And Daryl is somebody who hunts and goes about and does things, and it seemed like a dog is a good companion.

“It shows that there’s still a desire for him to have a connection somehow. And so the dog is his faithful companion. In my mind, there’s also a story behind where that dog came from. And so that’s how we ended up with a dog.”