‘The Walking Dead’ producer hints many could die in delayed season 10 finale

Beware of spoilers

The Walking Dead executive producer Denise Huth has suggested the upcoming season 10 finale could say goodbye to a number of characters.

‘A Certain Doom’, the 16th episode in the season, has been delayed until later this year due to the developing coronavirus pandemic.

While ‘The Tower’, the final episode to air pre-finale which was released on April l5, left a cliffhanger in the way of a zombie horde surrounding a hospital where survivors were hiding.


In the trailer for episode 16, Daryl, one of the survivors, says, “We’re not all going to make it through.”

Huth shared some insights on Talking Dead, according to ComicBook. “Following the attack on Hilltop, they reconvened at the rendezvous point and clearly things have happened, a little bit of time has passed, and they’ve come up with a plan,” she said.

“We don’t necessarily know what that plan is. You definitely get the sense that they’re preparing for an attack to come, they know it’s coming, and how can they solve the problem of this giant horde?

“We’re seeing [the survivors] more together. It’s clear that they have some sort of plan, but there’s still that fear.


Huth ended with a fatalistic suggestion: “There’s still the knowledge that this is tricky, and that once again maybe not everyone is going to get out alive.”

Meanwhile, the trailer also sees the return of fan-favourite character Maggie, who left Hilltop at the end of season 9 and has only been seen in hallucinations in season 10.