‘The Walking Dead’ ending changed plans for Daryl and Carol spin-off

"I’m scared to leave the mothership," Norman Reedus admitted

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has spoken about how the idea for a Daryl and Carol spin-off came to light, and how it changed following the show’s ending.

The actor revealed that the thought started brewing while filming The Storm, the season nine finale.

“I was pitching these ideas, because it was kind of like, ‘After eight years, where do you see this show going?'” Reedus told EW Live. “And I had an idea and I kind of threw it out there and we talked about it a lot.”


Reedus explained how The Walking Dead planted a seed for the spin-off in the season 10 episode Lines We Cross, in which Daryl and Carol muse on the idea of going to New Mexico together.

The characters were going to leave the show while it was still airing, which will now change as the news broke that the flagship series will end after season 11.

“I didn’t know the flagship show would end,” Reedus admitted. “The whole thing was we would take off and we’d come back and check in and we would take off.”

He added: “To be honest, I was hoping that would never happen because that’s the mothership. I’m scared to leave the mothership. That’s scary new ground. I’m excited for the spin-off and I’m excited for the type of show it will be, but I didn’t see that coming.”

Season 10 of The Walking Dead is now airing on AMC and NOW TV.

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