‘The Walking Dead”s Lauren Cohan says she was “devastated” by death of major character

And it wasn't Glenn... [spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' season eight are posted below]

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan has revealed that she was “really devastated” to learn that Carl had been killed off the show.

Cohan, who plays Maggie on the AMC show, was speaking ahead of the return of the Walking Dead‘s eighth season in the US on February 25. The mid-season premiere is set to air in the UK a day later (February 26) on FOX.

With the last episode of The Walking Dead revealing that Carl had been fatally bitten by a walker, the imminent demise of one of the show’s original characters certainly shocked fans and castmembers alike – including Cohan.

The Walking Dead

Carl, Negan and Rick, seen here in happier times

“I didn’t really believe it,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I was definitely in shock. I’m still in shock about it. I feel really interested in how this is going to change the future of the story, because we know how much the story follows Carl’s journey.

“I’m interested in what ideas we’re going to have moving forward. Because I was just really devastated.”

Having exited the show, Chandler Riggs – who portrayed Carl on The Walking Dead – has since revealed that he wants to embark on a career in music.