‘The Walking Dead’ teaser sets up Danai Gurira’s exit from the show

Be warned of spoilers!

The Walking Dead has hinted at what lies ahead for the final episode of Danai Gurira’s character arc as Michonne on the show in the teaser for season 10 episode 13, titled ‘What We Become’.

The trailer sees Michonne arrive at the home of Virgil, another outbreak survivor, and discover there may be lies in his story.

“I need to get back. There’s a lot of lives at stake,” says Michonne in the clip of next week’s episode, before Virgil provokes her. “Well, those Whisperer folk really got you percolating, huh? Where the hell is your family?” he says.


Michonne then threatens Virgil with her katana, and also is seen in a number of flashbacks holding both her walkie-talkie and Negan’s bat. “The island is not clear. It was until the others came,” Michonne then says.

While it’s not entirely clear how Gurira’s character will exit the show yet, the outcome has been building for a while. The actor joined the show in 2012 for Season 3.

The most recent episode of The Walking Dead saw a major on the show, Alpha, be killed off in a major showdown with Negan.

Meanwhile, Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has admitted he would “burn down” the show if his character Daryl Dixon was killed off.