The Walking Dead showrunner hopes Michonne and Rick Grimes reunite in upcoming movies

Major spoilers for The Walking Dead within

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang shared her hopes for the future following a major character’s exit from the show last week.

‘What We Become’ saw Danai Gurira’s Michonne leave after 89 episodes across eight years as part of The Walking Dead cast.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kang speculated on the future for Michonne, and with the show’s first protagonist, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in his upcoming spin-off movies.


“I really hope those two reunite is what I could say. I mean, it’s sort of not my realm,” said Kang.

“But certainly, I think it’s like we’re promising some sort of new story ahead. It won’t be on my show, unfortunately, but there is some sort of plan for a hand-off happening here.”

Michonne’s departure from the show saw the character saving other survivors, leaving her future somewhat open-ended. The major plot development also hinted that Rick might still be alive.

Fans flooded social media with tributes to the longstanding character, while Gurira opened up about her final moments on the show as well.

“I thought that was a very generous way to let her exit because she has to be true to herself, and being true to yourself has its inconveniences,” said Gurira.