‘The Walking Dead’ Negan actor: ‘The first episode of Season Seven will be a lot to take’

New series will begin later this month

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has warned fans to expect the worst in Season Seven of the zombie series.

The actor who plays new antagonist Negan, was last seen murdering one of the group at the end of Season Six with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.

Viewers were denied knowledge of who his victim was much to the frustration of a lot of fans.

Over the summer posters for the upcoming season (posted on Instagram) depicted several of the show’s characters looking up to a light and a baseball bat surrounded by barbed wire. The weapon seen in the poster, referred to as Lucille, is gripped by a black leather glove.

“You need to be very careful about what you wish for because you are going to get it and more this year,” Dean Morgan revealed of the first episode. “It’s emotional. It’s hard. It’s hyper-violent. It’s a lot to take. When the audience sees it, they will know exactly what ‘a lot’ means.”

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Although he didn’t give any clues away as to who is victim is, he said the first episode will be unforgettable.

“You won’t be able to see Negan without thinking of the premiere episode. What he does is strong and so shocking,” Dean Morgan added. “The way Negan inflicts damage is so original to Negan, that whenever he comes on screen, you will know what to expect.”

The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln, who plays the drama’s lead role Rick Grimes, also said Negan is “is the greatest villain of the series”.

He added: “The Governor [Rick’s previous nemesis] was much more about secrets. You didn’t know what the Governor was doing. Negan is very clear. He is very open with the people he meets. There is a charm, but there is a terrifying logic as well.”

The seventh season of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in the US on October 23, and is expected to air on FX in the UK the day after (October 24).