‘The Walking Dead’ chief teases “deadly” finale for Rick Grimes

The lead character will bow out of the long-running show during Sunday's episode 'What Comes After'

The Walking Dead‘s Scott M. Gimple has described Rick Grimes’ forthcoming final episode in the show as “deadly, right out of the gate.”

The show’s lead character, who is played by Andrew Lincoln, will bow out for good during Sunday’s (November 4) season nine episode ‘What Comes After’. The UK premiere of that episode will air a day later on FOX (November 5).

The Walking Dead‘s showrunners have been dropping hints about the possible nature of Rick’s exit ever since Lincoln’s departure from the show was confirmed earlier this year.

But a new interview with Gimple – who co-wrote the story for Sunday’s episode – has given a clear indication that the protagonist won’t simply ride off into the sunset unscathed.

“It’s deadly, right out of the gate,” Gimple, the chief content officer of the Walking Dead franchise, told The Hollywood Reporter about Rick’s last hurrah. “It’s pretty heavy. It’s deadly immediately.

“There will be a pause of deadliness for a little while, and then? Giddy up.”

Speaking about the future of the show post-Rick Grimes, AMC programming president David Madden said that saying goodbye to both the character and Lincoln was “really painful, and not something we long for or wish for.”

“But it was what made sense for Andy in his life. But it is an opportunity to see what the show can be without Andy,” Madden reasoned. “There are a lot of other characters to keep going with. It was time for the show to make a jump anyway.”

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