‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 confirmed in dramatic new trailer

How will they get on without Rick Grimes?

The Walking Dead season 10 has been confirmed with the release of a dramatic new teaser trailer.

Showrunner Angela Kang previously teased plans to bring back Maggie Rhee and possibly make Georgie’s group a part of universe in general.

Season 10 was confirmed via Instagram by Kang. “Season 10! #twd #thewalking dead,” she captioned the clip, which showed The Whisperers from the zombie apocalypse growling, before one stares directly at the camera, placing a finger to their mouth.


‘S10 October’ then appears across the screen, meaning the new season could arrive later this year. You can watch the clip below.

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Season 10! #twd #thewalkingdead

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Speaking about the new season earlier this year, Kang told Comicbook: “I’ll say first of all that we’ve still planned some more story with Maggie. Lauren wants to [do it], it will be a little subject to her schedule but hopefully we have her back next season.

“We have always planned to have this great story with Maggie this season and I think we promised something. We wanted to pay off that promise. We definitely have a very strong Maggie arc.”

The showrunner gave an update to Comicbook.com in November. “Lauren and I have been texting about some things, and we’re hopefully gonna schedule a conversation,” she said, “but Georgie’s group is definitely out there in the world doing some stuff, and I have some notion of what they’re up to. They may also be part of the universe in general. ‘That’s really up to Scott [Gimple – Chief of Content], but we’ll see how it all plays out. In our minds, there’s a lot of things going on in the world around our characters and the way that it intersects with our story, that’s part of what we’re talking about currently.”