‘The Walking Dead’ actor reacts to character’s shock death in latest episode

Beware of spoilers for season 10 of The Walking Dead

Actor Lindsley Register has shared the sadness of fans mourning the death of a character on The Walking Dead.

In “Stalker”, Episode 10 of the tenth season of the show, Register’s character Laura saves Whisperers sentry Gamma (Thora Birch) from second-in-command Beta (Ryan Hurst) – but loses her life by delaying Beta.

“I can’t believe it’s over. Thank you,”  Register tweeted in response to a fan on Twitter. “Thanks for sending love. It’s tough closing this chapter,” the actress said in another.


Register’s Laura was first introduced on The Walking Dead in season 7, as one of the saviours working for Negan. As the seasons developed, the character gained her own responsibility a senior player in Alexandria.

On the crucial battle in ‘Stalker’, The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang explained the reasoning behind Alpha and Daryl’s intense fight.

“It was actually something that we questioned like, ‘Should we?’ And then we’re like, ‘We really want to put these two in a scene,’ because Daryl was the one that Alpha took to the edge of the cliff and kind of said, ‘Here’s my horde,’ basically,” she told Entertainment Weekly.


In terms of events to come in the season, Kang said:

“Alpha has had this confrontation with her daughter and we heard Michonne say early in the season, ‘We got to make sure Lydia stays safe because she’s some protection for us basically.’

“So now everything’s going to change, and this war with the Whisperers is really going to heat up. In the next episode, we’re going to see what happens when our people are convinced that the Whisperers are on their way and that really becomes the major story going forward. And then all of the fallout from that happens as our two societies really clash in a big way.”

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