The Walking Dead season 6 finale made Andrew Lincoln “sick to his stomach”

He couldn’t sleep after he found out what happens

The Walking Dead season 6 climaxes this Monday with a 90 minute finale that will introduce Negan – a long-awaited villain from the comics that’s thought to kill of a key character in the show’s finale.

Now Andrew Lincoln who plays the leader of the show’s group of survivors, Rick, has said the story made him “sick” and left him unable to sleep.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Lincoln “It’s one of the most thrilling [episodes]”

“And I don’t think we’ve ever done what we do in this season finale before.

“When we were shooting it, after each scene, I kept looking to [director] Greg [Nicotero] and saying.

“It’s going to be good!”

“I couldn’t sleep when I read it,” Lincoln said of the episode. “It made me very sick to my stomach. It’s hardcore.”

NME has broken down what you can expect from The Walking Dead’s finale, along with a recap of the key events so far.


The Walking Dead
season six finale airs on Monday (April 4) at 9pm on FOX in the UK.