The Walking Dead: Season 7’s new character explained?

A new face could be appearing in the upcoming season

The Walking Dead season 7 is only a few months away but rumours of a new character have already been making the rounds.

Season six concluded back in April with a cliffhanger ending that saw an unidentified character being beaten to death by newly introduced character Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

According to the Spoiling Dead Facebook page, a new character called ‘Jennie’ will be added to the cast in season 7 and is said to have an affiliation with Tara; fans last saw her leaving on a supply run with Heath before Negan’s arrival.


‘Jennie’ is said to be in her mid to late teens and have an optimistic, yet hardened, personality. She’s said to be played by actress Sydney Park who has previously apperaed in That’s So Raven.

According to Screen Rant, ‘Jennie’ will first appear with a group of other women and children who will discover Tara washed up on a beach next to a corpse. The Spoiling Dead Facebook page has speculated that ‘Jennie’ will revive Tara, who repays her by making a swift getaway from the group.

Screen Rant also states that there is no comic-based character that matches her description, implying that ‘Jennie’ will be a TV-original entity. However, they do speculate that she could be Lydia – a character who appears quite far ahead in the overall story, after the conclusion of the Negan arc, with a new group of survivors nicknamed The Whisperers.

It has been confirmed that The Walking Dead season seven will premiere internationally on October 24 after being launched on AMC in the US a day earlier on October 23.