The Walking Dead showrunner reveals early details about season 9

The AMC show's eighth season has yet to kick off, but already Scott M. Gimple is teasing fans about the direction of future episodes

The Walking Dead‘s showrunner has revealed some of the first details about the show’s ninth season.

The eighth season of the acclaimed AMC show will kick off in the US on October 22, while the season premiere will air a day later in the UK on FOX.

With fans eagerly anticipating the “all-out war” that is due to take place this season, Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple has already moved his focus onto the ninth season of the show, which should premiere in October 2018.

Referencing the show’s divisive seventh season, Gimple revealed that The Walking Dead‘s writers were still keen on splitting up the major characters once again in season nine.

“We knew… [the characters] were about as apart as they’ve ever been on the show, and we had all these concentrated episodes [in season seven],” Gimple told

“A great deal of the reason we were doing that – the thing that was driving that – was that we knew this season everybody would be more mixed up, and that there would be less of that,” he continued.

“We’re emphasising [the character team-ups of season eight] because [season nine], especially the first half, is going to be very, very different.”

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead may be allowed to broadcast the word ‘fuck’ in its eighth season following an apparent relaxing of the rules on swearing by AMC.