Fans and castmembers react to ‘The Walking Dead’ season seven finale

The final episode of the hit show's latest season aired in the US last night (April 2), and will be broadcast in the UK tonight

The Walking Dead concluded its seventh season last night with a dramatic finale – see a selection of the fan and castmember reactions to the events of the final episode below.

Full spoilers from the final episode of the current season of The Walking Dead are posted below – proceed with caution

The finale of the current season – entitled The First Day of the Rest of Your Life – aired in the US last night (April 2) on AMC, and will be broadcast in the UK on Fox tonight (April 3). With the event of this season leading up to Rick and his Alexandria group uniting with the other survivor groups against Negan’s band of Saviors, many fans expected that war between the two forces would break out – resulting in the death of at least one major character.


The finale ultimately saw the end of the road for Sasha, who succumbed to the poison capsule that Eugene had slipped her in the previous installment of the show. Events also saw the Kingdom finally joining the fight against Negan, while the junkyard survivors – led by the mysterious Jadis – turned on Rick’s group.

In an episode that saw many twists and turns, fans and castmembers from The Walking Dead registered their shock and overall delight with how things panned out.




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Meanwhile, showrunner Scott M. Gimple recently voiced his hope that The Walking Dead will be on the air for 20 years.


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