‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six finale drew a 70 per cent negative response on Twitter

The latest season of the hit US show ended on Sunday (April 3)

The majority of online reactions to the latest season finale of The Walking Dead were negative, new statistics indicate.

The sixth season of the hit US show ended on Sunday (April 3) with fans expecting a major character to be beaten to death with a baseball bat by new villain Negan. However, the identity of the character who was killed was not revealed in the episode and fans will have to wait until the next season to find out the truth.

Many fans were left frustrated by the show’s cliffhanger ending and later launched an online petition asking TV network AMC to reveal who died.

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Now social media insight provider Canvs has looked at 292,500 ‘Emotional Reactions’ (ERs) from 932,308 tweets, finding 70 per cent of which to be negative.

An online report reads: “In the closing moments of the finale, the predominant ERs were ‘crazy,’ ‘dislike,’ ‘hate’ and ‘upset,’ accounting for more than 70 per cent of all reactions (vs. 15.2 per cent ‘love’ and 6.4 per cent ‘good’)”.

This compares to a much more positive fan response during the previous season finale. Season Five’s final episode evoked a 45.1 per cent ER of ‘love’, while less than 10 per cent were deemed as negative.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor playing new villain Negan, has revealed that he was unaware of the cliffhanger at the end of its Season 6 Finale until its latest episode was broadcast.

“I didn’t know it was going to be a cliffhanger until I watched the show. That was done in my world,” Morgan said. “I don’t know if any of the cast knew how exactly it was going to end, which is what caused a lot of the uncertainty and emotion going on.”

“I got the script two days before I shot it,” Morgan said. “I only got Negan’s stuff. I didn’t even get the full script.” The actor added of filming: “It was very emotional. A couple of them didn’t make eye contact with me until the end of the second night. A couple of them embraced me immediately after we filmed all night.”

Speaking about the next season of the show, Morgan added: “We will pick up directly from what we saw last night. Season seven is going to pick up right where we left off. So you’re going to see who’s on the end of that bat.”

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Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the show, has since moved to calm fans who were angered by the cliffhanger ending, saying: “I’m sorry the fans are angry about it because I think it’s a very thrilling and shocking way to leave a season.

Lincoln added that he understands why fans may be angry at not getting the answers they had hoped for.