‘The Walking Dead’ showrunner teases season 10 finale plot details

The lurch towards the season showdown continues

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has offered a glimpse into what fans can expect from the season 10 finale when it airs later this year.

Appearing on AMC’s Friday Night in With the Morgans, Kang talked about the various power dynamics within different cliques on the show, and how those alliances could pan out.

“Obviously, we’ve got this new power group of four with Princess and Ezekiel and Eugene and Yumiko who are off on the road,” Kang told co-host Jeffrey Dean Morgan. “We’re going to see some interesting turns in that.”


Kang also provided an update on the potential fate of the Whisperers. “Now that Alpha’s gone and Beta is having to step up into that leadership role with his kind of half Alpha/Beta face, we’re going to see our people take their stand against Beta and the Whisperers,” she explained. Watch the clip below.

Lauren Cohan, the actress who played Maggie Greene and previously left the show on season nine, looks set to return after appearing in a recent teaser for the season finale. Her return for season 11 was previously announced at New York Comic Con in October 2019.

“There’s some pretty cool things going on with Negan,” Kang added.

“We’ve got Carol kind of in her quest for redemption. We’ve got some awesome stuff with Father Gabriel. We know that we’re waiting for the return of Maggie,” she continued. “Daryl has got some awesome business going on. It’s the whole cast. Everybody’s great.”


Earlier this year (May 28), The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus compared the show’s upcoming season 10 finale to Game Of Thrones, promising an “epic battle.”

The season closer, originally due to air on April 12, has been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although there’s still no official date set for the delayed finale, Morgan suggested it will air “soon.”