‘The Walking Dead’ star Joshua Mikel asked producers about “redeeming” his villainous character

"He was like, 'No, man, he's an asshole through and through'"

The Walking Dead star Joshua Mikel has revealed that producers rebuffed his attempts to find redeeming qualities in his character Jared.

The actor portrayed the Saviors villain on the AMC series, who seemed to take delight in violence and killed off a number of characters, including Benjamin (Logan Miller).

Jared eventually was killed off himself by a pack of walkers in season eight, and while he appeared to have no redeeming qualities on the show, Mikel has revealed that he asked writer Scott M Gimple if there was anything fans could find to like about him.


Speaking at the Scares That Care 2020 Virtual Convention, Mikel recalled: “I wrote him an email at one point being like, ‘Hey man, are there any redeeming qualities about Jared? Is there anything that I should know? Maybe at some point he’ll join Hilltop and make his way in, should I leave any kind of question of that?'”

The actor then revealed the reply: “And he was like, ‘No, man, he’s an asshole through and through.'”

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead is due to finally air its season 10 finale in October after being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gimple has since teased deaths in the episode, suggesting that whoever is looking after RJ and Judith may have to be careful.

“If you look at Judith’s history of parents and guardians, they’re the ones in danger,” he said.


“Judith is taking care of herself fine, even taking care of RJ. Anybody who gets in that position with Judith winds up going, and she came into this world with a difficult sort of situation.

“I’m just saying, I’m not as worried about RJ and Judith as the person taking care of them.”