‘The Walking Dead’ star Lauren Cohan opens up about brutal killing scene

Beware of spoilers

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan has opened up about Maggie’s violent turn.

Discussing latest episode No Other Way, the actor addressed the twist that saw her character shoot a number of Reapers dead and kill her enemy, Carver, by stabbing him with a cleaver.

Cohan told Entertainment Weekly this was “one of the most fun episodes” she’s ever shot on the show, calling the killing scene in particular “very visceral”.


The scene sees Daryl make Maggie refrain from killing Carver before she looks at Elijah and changes her mind.

“There’s that promise that Maggie makes to Elijah, and we have seen the horrors that the Reapers have inflicted on our people,” Cohan explained. “There is a calm that Maggie finds briefly. And when Daryl comes in and says, ‘This isn’t going to benefit us in the long run,’ we can kind of take this step back and trust that he’s making the decisions for the right reasons.

Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan as Maggie, who returned in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 10. CREDIT: Disney

“But in the end, there’s the duty that she has to Elijah, who at so many different intervals in the episode tries to even the scales to take vengeance for his sister’s death against Carver. He’s literally physically snapped, and just broken and prevented from doing it. And I think that were it not for him needing it and wanting it so bad, might she have not given into that? We don’t know.”

She added: “I think that there was always going be a part of me that needed to do it and to see it through.”


Meanwhile, The Walking Dead spin-off Tales Of The Walking Dead starting filming last month. Olivia Munn was recently announced as a cast member on the show, alongside Danny Ramirez, Loan Chabanol, Embeth Davidtz, Jessie T. Usher and Gage Munroe.

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