‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ boss reveals whether season 2 will have a time jump

**Spoilers ahead**

The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s co-showrunner has opened-up about the show’s second and final season, and whether events will jump forward significantly.

The debut season of the Walking Dead spin-off wrapped-up last night (November 29), leaving a number of loose ends yet to be resolved.

Among them was a reunion between Felix and his boyfriend Will, as well as Hope going to a research facility where here father, Leo, is.


Asked by Entertainment Weekly whether events will pick back up straight after or jump forward, Matt Negrete admitted there were some “immediate concerns” to tie up.

World Beyond
Aliyah Royale as Iris. Credit: Prime Video

“From a conceptual standpoint, I’ve always loved starting seasons with a time jump,” he explained. “But there’s some pretty urgent business to attend to coming off the end of season 1.

“We have Hope heading towards the research facility. She’s hoping to be reunited with her father. There’d be some things we wouldn’t want to skip over. Let’s put it like that. It’s definitely a reunion that we want to see and want to capture and feel.”

He continued: “We also leave Iris and Felix meeting Will, and we’re going to have to find out who he’s with, what he’s gone through, and what he knows. And then we have to tend to Iris wanting to get, not just her father back now, but her sister as well.


“So there are some pretty immediate concerns that we’re going to be dealing with in season 2. As much as I love a time jump to justify [Elton actor] Nicolas Cantu being three feet taller and probably 30 pounds heavier.”

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