‘The Wire’ actress Felicia Pearson pleads guilty to drugs charge

Actress who portrayed Snoop given three years' supervised probation

Actress Felicia Pearson, who played the role of drug gang member Snoop in hit HBO drama The Wire has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin.

With the case set to begin today (August 9) Pearson cut a deal that saw her pleading guilty to a small charge after being caught on a wire-tap.

Felicia Pearson‘s attorney stated:

More than anything she wanted to close this matter and move on… She learned a valuable lesson about how some loyalties you keep and others drag you down.

She had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, back in May of this year.

Pearson was one of 64 people caught in the sting, known as ‘Operation Usual Suspects’.

Apart from her role as the cold blooded assassin in the Baltimore set drama, Pearson has only had one other credited role. She is set to star alongside Gary Oldman in the crime thriller, Criminal Empire For Dummy’s, due out later this year.

When the actress was 14 she was convicted of second-degree murder. She served six years of an eight-year sentence, before being released in 2000.

Prior to her drugs charge Pearson had been working with the youth drama organization, Moving Mountains, set up by fellow Wire star, Jamie Hector.