The Wire’s Omar Little joins cast of ‘Community’

Michael K. Williams set for role in hit sitcom

Michael K. Williams, most famous for his role as Omar Little in the HBO show, The Wire, has signed on for a role in NBC‘s comedy hit Community.

The show, which centres around a group of community college students (including Chevy Chase), features a host of meta jokes which incorporate popular culture and parodies of famous films.

Williams will play a new teacher at the school, as the gang tackle the subject of biology in their third year.

Other Community news to come out of the Comic-Con panel at the weekend (July 22-24), revealed that Jeff‘s dad will finally feature and Troy and Abed (Donald Glover and Danny Pudi) will move in together.

After hard-hitting roles in HBO dramas like Boardwalk Empire, where Williams plays a prohibition era gangster, the role in Community should be a welcome break for the actor, marking his first foray into comedy.

Given that even his big screen appearances, in the bleak The Road and The Wire-wannabe Brooklyn Gangsters, left little room for laughs, Community could be the funniest thing Williams has done since R Kelly‘s epic, Trapped in the Closet.

Series Three of Community will air in the US on September 22.