Henry Cavill details the making of the iconic bathtub scene in ‘The Witcher’

The scene also appeared in the books and the game

Henry Cavill has spoken out about a seminal scene in the universe of The Witcher. The actor, who plays Geralt in the Netflix show, shared his thought process behind the scene in the bathtub.

The scene is familiar across the books, games and now small screen adaptation telling the monster hunter’s story. In The Witcher 3 game, Geralt is seen in the bathtub with his feet sticking out – but no feet are in sight on Netflix.

In an interview with BBC Radio One, Cavill recounted his process to bring the scene to life – and why it might look a bit different. “I was trying to put my feet up, and I couldn’t – the bath was the wrong shape,” he said. “But I thought that might have been a bit much, as well.”


“It’s a very iconic moment, and a lot of people attribute it to the games, and yes the games absolutely brought that forward into an iconic moment, but it is also from the books. I don’t know how many people realised how iconic it was that there was already a visual attached, so when I was getting into the bath, I was sitting there thinking ‘I wonder if anyone knows how much this is going to explode, this particular scene.'”

Elsewhere, before the first eight-episode season had even aired, The Witcher was renewed for a second season, due for release in 2021.