‘The Witcher’ season two post-credits scene shows teaser trailer for ‘Blood Origin’ prequel

'Blood Origin' will explore the medieval world of the Continent before the Conjunction of the Spheres

The post-credits scene in season two of The Witcher reveals a teaser trailer for the upcoming prequel series Blood Origin.

At the end of the final episode, titled Family, a teaser clip plays, giving fans a first look at the show’s central team of Michelle Yeoh as Scían, Laurence O’Fuarain as Fjall and Sophia Brown as Éile.

Soundtracked by a moody cover of Ellie Goulding‘s ‘Burn’, the teaser shows the trio fighting one another before teaming up to fight an ambush by soldiers.


The Witcher: Blood Origin will tell tales from the medieval world of the Continent before the ‘Conjunction of the Spheres’, the mysterious pivotal event in the original Witcher books that caused humans, elves and monsters to reside in the same world.

Declan de Barra, a writer and producer on The Witcher, is showrunner for Blood Origin. He
previously told Entertainment Weekly that the show will introduce a “pre-colonised world” of elves.

Lauren S. Hissrich, The Witcher executive producer, said, “We have obviously heard in The Witcher show that humans brought civilisation to the elves. They’re the ones who showed them what it was like to be civilised. And in fact, what we’re seeing in Blood Origin is that’s exactly opposite of the truth. The world was much more of a Golden Age than what we see in The Witcher years later.”

The six-episode Blood Origin prequel is set to premiere in 2022, although no release date has been set. Season two of The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix.


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