‘The Witcher’ shares Christmas-themed supercut

"Tis the season of #Witchmas."

A festive-themed supercut of Netflix hit The Witcher has just been released on social media – check it out below.

The streaming giant shared the clip on Twitter, set to The Ronettes’ ‘Sleigh Ride’ as everyone tries to convince Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia to feel a bit more festive cheer.

“Save your sleds for another day, for now is a time to simply slay. Tis the season of #Witchmas,” the Witcher account wrote alongside the clip.


The teaser sees druid Mousesack tell Geralt, “You can’t outrun this just because you’re terrified of it,” now suggesting a fear of Christmas rather than his own destiny.

“Stop your boorish grunts of protest,” Jaskier adds while the edit adds in presents and decorations on scenes from season one. “You must want something for yourself.”

Check out the full supercut here:

Discussing season 2, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said the show would continue to explore Geralt’s disability, caused in the Witcher novels by an injury sustained in Time of Contempt. The character suffers from chronic pain in the show, and Hissrich had said she’s “excited to dig into this more” and “add this layer to our hero”.

Reviewing season one of The Witcher, NME said: “There’s a lighter, more cartoonish tone [than Game of Thrones], as there would be when there’s so many exotic fantasy monsters and witchcraft flying about, and a strong comedy thread too, particularly in the form of Joey Batey’s fame-hungry minstrel Jaskier. All told, this is a fun, often thrilling romp”