There is going to be a ‘Narcos’ mobile game

Free app will be released in September with the second season of the Netflix drama

A mobile game centred around the Netflix hit series Narcos will be available in September, it has been revealed.

Gaumont Television, the makers of the drama focusing on the hunt for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, have teamed up with FTX Games to create Narcos: Cartel Wars, which allows players to become rising cartel lieutenants, as well as receiving advice from characters in the show.

FTX Games’ head of business development Aaron Berndston said “Narcos is about a lot more than violence, money and power. We really wanted to explore the moral ambiguity from the show, where right and wrong are subjective. We’re very excited to put these choices into the player’s hands.”

The app will be free, with purchases available inside the game.

The second season of Narcos, which stars Wagner Moura as Escobar and Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal as real life DEA agents, will be released on September 2 on Netflix, and is expected to cover the 18 months documenting the rise and fall of Escobar’s cartel.

Netflix has released the full Narcos season two trailer, after announcing that the second season of the hit show will be released in September last month (June). You can watch it below.

The new trailer shows Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar, the character at the centre of the true story Narcos is based on, escaping from prison, before declaring “the hunt is on”.

The fact the Narcos season two trailer shows the date of Escobar’s death has led to speculation that the second season will be the last and portray the drug baron’s shooting.