This is the announcement every Jerry Seinfeld fan has been waiting for

Comic recently rejected Kesha's hugging advances

Jerry Seinfeld is set to return for an hour long special on Netflix next month.

Jerry Before Seinfeld, which will be aired on the streaming service on September 19, will feature previously unreleased material, including footage from his childhood and “a library of legal pads with every joke he’s written since 1975.”

It also includes a performance at the the Comic Strip in New York City, with Seinfeld telling “the jokes that put him on the comedy map”.

A number of clips from the special have been posted on Instagram, which you can watch below:

Easy, easy, easy…

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Socks hate their lives, we know that.

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I’m only one finger away from a compliment.

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You go to a party, there’s nobody there. ‘Where’d everybody go?’ ‘They left!’

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The stand-up special is part of a deal he signed with the streaming service that will involve new episodes of his web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, as well as another special.

Seinfeld was an American sitcom that ran for nine seasons on NBC, from 1989 to 1998. It was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.

Earlier this year, the comedian famously turned down a hug from Kesha.

The two stars both attended and performed at the Night Of Laughter & Song event at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, a charity event held by the David Lynch Foundation.

While the Seinfeld star was being interviewed on the red carpet, Kesha interrupted the comedian to tell him that she “loves” him “so much”. She then asked if she could hug him.

After Seinfeld said “no thanks” and physically dodged Kesha’s attempt to hug him, he then said to the interviewer: “I don’t know who that was”. Upon being told it was Kesha, Seinfeld replied: “Okay, well I wish her the best.”

He later saw light of the incident, sharing a photo of himself hugging his manager in front of a mural of him famously rejecting a hug from the singer.

Kesha later discussed the incident, speaking to SiriusXM’s Hits 1 In Hollywood. “I shoulda known better,” she admitted. “I’ve seen the [Seinfeld] hugging episode, that was my fault.” She also said that the incident made her think “‘Wow, maybe I should stop trying to hug everyone and like attacking them'”, before changing her mind: “I was like, ‘Fuck that! No! I like hugging, hugging is magical, hugging is beautiful.'”