Thomas Turgoose’s troll mates cause ‘This Is England ’92’ hoax

Guess it's not time to head back to 1992...

The news about there being another This Is England TV series appears to have been a hoax caused by friends of actor Thomas Turgoose.

Yesterday, Turgoose revealed that there would be another edition of the much-loved TV series, tweeting: “SO I’VE GOT SOME NEWS FOR YOU All! THIS IS ENGLAND 92 COMFIRMED!!!!!!”

However, after the news of a new series was shut down by a Twitter account ran by the person in charge of This Is England director Shane Meadows’ official website, Turgoose claimed that some of his friends got a hold of his phone and tweeted the news as a joke.


“Here’s an announcement for you… Don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” @ShadyMeadows tweeted. “Mr Turgoose has become delrious. Please send assistance! NO CONFIRMATION OF ANY NEW THIS IS ENGLAND. Sorry.”

Turgoose later claimed that his friends were responsible for tweeting the news from his phone, however he has since deleted his tweets.

Representatives for Shane Meadows have confirmed the there is no new This Is England series in the works. “Sorry to say, it isn’t true,” a rep told NME. “Shane is working on lots of great projects, post The Virtues, but not This is England.”

The 2006 This Is England movie was followed by three spin-off series’. This Is England ’86 aired in 2010, with ’88 following a year later. The most recent edition of the series, This Is England ’90, came out in 2015.

Back in 2015, NME said that director Shane Meadows should make more editions of the hit TV series, arguing: “There’s something to be said for quitting while you’re ahead, but it would be sad if this series was the last we saw of the characters that have grown up on screen in front of us.


“We care what happens to them, which is how Meadows gets away with the more mundane scenes, like the barbecue in the second episode, why the traumatic scenes have such impact and we laugh during the sillier moments.”

Meanwhile, the movie and show’s star Stephen Graham recently reunited with the show’s production team and director Shane Meadows for new Channel 4 drama The Virtues.