‘Tiger King’ breaks record by remaining the most-watched show on Netflix for weeks

And there's already a sequel in the works

Tiger King has officially earned the crown as the most-watched title on Netflix for the longest period of time, holding the top spot for 15 days according to a report released by the streaming platform yesterday (April 6).

The seven-part documentary series follows a number of big cat owners, breeders and conservationists in the US, focusing mainly on a feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

The second-longest streak, six days, is held by The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, followed by Love Is Blind and Spenser Confidential which remained in the top spot for five days each.


There’s already a potential sequel in the works, courtesy of leading crime and justice network Investigation Discovery (ID). Investigating The Strange World Of Joe Exotic, the new series, will investigate the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband.

In Tiger King, Exotic accuses Baskin of having murdered her husband Don Lewis when he disappeared 21 years ago.

Documentarian Louis Theroux, who met Exotic in 2011 for his own BBC film America’s Most Dangerous Pets, says the odds that Carole killed Lewis are “very unlikely”.

A new episode of Tiger King could be on the way in the next week, according to one of the show’s main participants, businessman Jeff Lowe. In a message recorded for fansite Cameo, Lowe says: “It’s a wrap-up, we’re gonna tell you what happened.”

The first seven episodes of Tiger King are streaming on Netflix now.

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