Tom Hanks spends Monday afternoon commenting on wide variety of Reddit threads

Actor reveals he isn't a fan of reality TV and says he loves the 'True Detective' theme tune

Tom Hanks spent a portion of his Monday afternoon commenting on a wide variety of Reddit threads.

The double Oscar-winning actor joined the online bulletin board last year so he could take part in a ‘Reddit AMA’ question and answer session, but until this week, he had not posted on the site again.

However, Reddit users have now spotted that on Monday afternoon he posted a total of 13 replies on various threads, during which he revealed that he is not a fan of reality TV. His answers to the questions “What massively popular thing do you predict will be gone in ten years?” and “What is the biggest scam we have accepted and just go with” were both simply “reality TV”.

Hanks also revealed that, for him, the scariest moment in any movie takes place in Alien when “the eggs open, and there is something squirming around in there. I have never allowed myself to see what happens next”.

The actor even offered some light medical advice, responding to a thread about what to do when “a sore throat is imminent” by suggesting: “Cancel tomorrow. Get in bed. Sleep at least ten hours.”

In his penultimate reply, the actor revealed that he is a fan of The Handsome Family’s theme song for season one of True Detective, saying: “I can’t get it out of my soul!” Check out all of Tom Hanks’ Reddit replies here.