Tom Hardy’s final CBeebies bedtime story will be a tribute to his late dog

Hardy's labrador Woody passed away in June.

The last CBeebies bedtime story narrated by Tom Hardy will air this month, in tribute to his late pet Labrador, Woody.

The actor hailed his beloved dog as a “shining example of man’s best friend” after he passed away in June.

Now, it has been announced that Woody will make one final appearance alongside Tom as the actor reads Fleabag by Helen Stephens.


Fittingly, the book focuses on the relationship between a young boy and a scruffy stray dog in desperate need of a home.

The plot mirrors the real-life relationship between Hardy and Woody, after he found the dog as a stray running towards a motorway while he filmed ‘Lawless’.

Confirming the latest story, CBeebies wrote: “We’d like to thank Tom and his family who have allowed us to show this as a tribute to the memory of their dog Woody.”

During their time together, Woody was known for often accompanying Hardy to film premieres.


In a lengthy tribute to his friend, Hardy wrote about how he first met the animal and how “he was every inch a survivor”. The actor goes on to describe the dog as his “bestest friend ever” and “a shining example of man’s best friend”, adding that “our souls intertwined forever”.

The story is set to air on National Dog Day on August 26.