‘Top Boy’ cast share reunion photo on Instagram ahead of season four

Could this mean a release date is on the way?

The cast of Top Boy have shared a reunion photo ahead of season four.

Jasmine Jobson, Micheal Ward, Araloyin Oshunremi, Hope Ikpoku Jnr, Kadeem Ramsay and Alexander Blake were featured in a photo together on Jobson’s Instagram account.

“Who Said You Can’t Choose You’re [sic] Family?” Jobson captioned the photo, which you can see here:


Drake, who was instrumental in bringing the TV show to Netflix for a third series last year, confirmed in January that the show would return in 2020. A date for season four has not yet been confirmed.

On Drake’s involvement in the show, Ward previously told NME: “He came to the first read-through and spoke and that was mad motivating. But what was weird was I saw him at Wireless… and then less than 24 hours later I’m chatting to Dave and Drake’s walking in.

“This whole process, for me, has been surreal. You couldn’t even write it.”

Ashley Walters, who plays Dushane in Top Boy, recently returned to the music industry – reviving his career as a musician, formerly a member of garage supergroup So Solid Crew.


Walters reclaimed his old name, Asher D, and has released his first solo single, ‘Top Boy’, last year. He told NME of his experience managing stress in the spotlight: “A lot of us suffer through not being open, especially men. I’ve always been quite open with my family and my closest. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to cope with it.”