‘Top Boy’ creator shares what to expect from season four

The hit show is due to return this year

Top Boy creator Ronan Bennett has shared what to expect from the series’ fourth season.

The Netflix hit show is set to return for season four later this year, although no release date has been confirmed at present.

Speaking during a BAFTA session that looked at the making of the show and how it was cast, Bennett discussed what the focus would be for Sully (played by Kano) in the next instalment of the programme.


Season three saw Sully develop post-traumatic stress disorder after the death of his friend Jason (Ricky Smarts), which Bennett said he thought would be “a really interesting thing to explore in” the character.

Top Boy
‘Top Boy’ season three CREDIT: Chris Harris/Netflix

“I remember being at the keyboard, working through after the fire in which Sully barely escapes with his life and his friend gets killed, and I was kind of typing away,” he said. “I put my hand to my face in the way that we’re told not to in these COVID times and I remember smelling charcoal on my fingers and thinking about that and just going with that idea that what if that is a sign for him [of the fire] and it’s in his head – this smell.”

He continued: “And Dushane (Ashley Walters) says to him: ‘If you can smell it when you sleep, it’s not real.’ It may not be real to Dushane but it’s very real to Sully and I think that helped us just get beyond the idea of somebody who in season one and two was quick-tempered and quick to use his fists.”

Tying up those comments with the future, Bennett said it would “certainly” be something that would be taken “a step further in the new season”.


Earlier this week (July 13), Jasmine Jobson – who played Jaq in season three – shared a new photo of the show’s cast together on her Instagram page. Micheal Ward, Araloyin Oshunremi, Hope Ikpoku Jnr, Kadeem Ramsay and Alexander Blake all appeared in the picture alongside Jobson, who captioned the post: “Who Said You Can’t Choose You’re [sic] Family?”

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