‘Torchwood’ star Eve Myles calls for ‘closure’

The Gwen Cooper actress wants to show to return at least once

Torchwood star Eve Myles has called for the show to return to give the fans closure.

The actress, who played Gwen Cooper in all four series, said that while there is currently no new commission, she is still hopeful for the chance to continue, or conclude, the story of the Doctor Who spin-off.

She told CultBox: “As far as I know at the moment, everything’s still very much on hold. Nothing’s going to happen in 2012, I know that much for sure. But who knows what will happen in 2013? Maybe a movie, to kinda draw a line under it.”

Torchwood‘s future has been uncertain since the relatively poor reception to last year’s series. Dubbed Miracle Day, it was big-budget co-production between the BBC and US network Starz.

She continued: “John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing.”

Myles pointed out that the delay might not yet mean the end for Torchwood, saying: “Every series we’ve changed our format [and] we’ve always had a gap in-between. We’ve got such an outstanding loyal fanbase. They deserve Torchwood to go ahead with something else to draw a line under it, to have a bit of closure.”

But she also said that she would like to see it return to Wales after the US setting of Miracle Day. “I think it’d be nice to be back in Wales. That’s where it was born and maybe it’d be nice to end it there.”

The show earned Myles a nomination for Best Female Drama Performance at last night’s (January 25) National Television Awards.