‘True Detective’ writer ‘can’t imagine’ show running for more than three seasons

First series of US crime drama aired earlier this year

True Detective writer Nic Pizzolato has said that he can’t see the hit series running for more than three seasons.

The first season of the HBO drama aired earlier this year (2014) with a second due next year. However, speaking to reporters at the Banff World Media Festival (via The AV Club), Pizzolato warned fans not to expect him to be producing season after season of his show.

“I can’t imagine I would do this more than three years,” he is reported to have said. “I mean, I’d like to have a regular TV show. We’ll have some fixed sets, regular actors and I could bring in people to help and I don’ t have to be there every second. It’d be great.”

He continued: “It can’t have any growing pains like a regular first season. If it works it has to work right out of the box. That’s incredibly exhausting. I mean, the job is exhausting to begin with, but it’s doubly exhausting and I’m writing every episode.”

Earlier this month Matthew McConaughey hinted that he would be open to be appearing in another season of True Detective/. The Academy Award-winning actor played Detective Rust Cohle in the first season of the hit show. However, both he and co-star Woody Harrelson will not return for the next series.

It was recently confirmed that the second season of True Detective will be set in California and will feature three lead roles, Pizzolatto has confirmed.

Earlier this year it was reported that Jessica Chastain was offered a part in the show. That rumour was subsequently denied. The only other actor linked to season two of True Detective is Brad Pitt.