Trump inauguration TV and Twitter viewing figures revealed

Trump was sworn into office last Friday (January 20)

The official viewing figures have been revealed for Donald Trump‘s inauguration last week.

Billionaire TV personality turned Republican politician, Trump was sworn into office last Friday (January 20).

Following his inauguration, there has been much debate over the crowd size at the event. Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer insisted that Trump drew “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe,” despite photo and video evidence showing that Obama drew a much larger crowd in 2009.

Nielsen now estimates that 30.6 million viewers watched the televised broadcast of the Presidential inauguration, below the 37.8 million who watched Barack Obama’s 2009 swearing-in and just above the figures for George W Bush’s and Bill Clinton’s first inaugurations.

However, Trump responded to the news by tweeting the below message:

It has also been revealed that the Trump inauguration was the most-watched Twitter livestream yet, with over 6.8 million unique users. The broadcast peaked at 377,000 concurrent viewers when Trump was taking his oath.

Meanwhile, Trump has been mocked for posting a framed panoramic photo of his inauguration to Twitter, stating that he is going to hang the image in the White House, failing to notice that the date of the event is marked down wrong (it says January 21, rather than January 20). See that below.